Board & Train Obedience

We teach your dog all the basic obedience commands needed for an obedience title.

Including; come, stay, and walking calmly on leash.

We also teach them to respond to the “silent” whistle for greater off leash control in all situations.

When you bring your dog to Cappel Canine we will ask you to fill out a lifestyle profile, listing what your dog already knows, any behavior issues they have: pulling on leashes, chewing, jumping, etc.

We will also get a list of what goals you have for your dog: protect the family, or just be a well behaved companion. This information is used to create your dogs individual training program.

This is Mrs. Flower.

She came to us showing signs of aggression.
It was our job to find her happy place.

Our very popular customized Board & Train is only $1,450 for 2 weeks (pay $700 at drop off, and balance at pick up) which includes your dog’s training videos, silent whistle, and all training equipment.

When you pick up your dog we will take you through your own personal “Handlers Course” to teach you how your dog learned everything.

We video your training and send you clips as your dog learns. This way you see how your dog learns but you also learn the techniques you need to keep him/her well trained for life.

Call us to discuss a custom board and train plan, tailored to your needs.

Check out more of our training video on our YouTube channel