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Obedience Training Is Our Specialty

Image of Butch Cappel and a dog

Howdy folks, Butch here!

We feel a strong obligation to help people
train their dog to become the best they can be.

We train all breeds from basic dog obedience to advanced training
for agility, tracking, family protection, security and police dogs.

Board & Training

We teach your dog all basic obedience commands needed for an obedience title including; come, stay, and walking calmly on leash. We also teach them to respond using a "silent whistle" for greater off leash control in all situations. Read more

Protection Training

A protection trained dog harnesses the dogs natural guarding ability and relies on the training and handler skills of the owner in partnership with any trainer. A great option that is a perfect fit for many people. Read more

Executive Protection

An executive protection dog is an adult dog that has been trained to a higher level in every way; including scenario based training, life training, and has a more versatile skill set than the average protection dog. Read more

Are you looking for a family protection dog?

If so, we invite you to read more about


or visit Cappel Canine in person before you decide.

We promise, you won’t be disappointed!

Western Shepherd owners receive a 30% discount on all training at Cappel Canine!

Cappel Canine YouTube PODCAST

Butch Cappell and George Bush Jr shaking hands

Butch Cappel supplied trained security dog teams for the reelection campaign of George W. Bush in his Texas presidential campaign.

Dogs For Sale

Tex: Trained Dog For Sale

Breed: Western Shepard

Age: 18 Months

Name: Tex

Training: Obedience, Security

more info…

CAIN: 19 Month-Old Dutch Shepherd

Breed: Dutch Shepherd

Age: 19 Month-Old

Name: Cain

Training: Obedience

more info…

Lifestyle Dog Training

Book - Lifestyle Dog Training by Butch Cappel

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