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Butch Cappel

Butch is the creator of K9Pro Sports, the only internationally recognized certification system for personal protection dogs. K9Pro Sports is the first dog discipline done by an American to be adopted by European countries and even Australia.

Butch also created The Western Shepherd Dog Project, which has recreated the German shepherd breed into the healthy, trainable breed it was a hundred years ago.

Butch supplied trained security dog teams for the reelection campaign of George W. Bush in his Texas presidential campaign.


Butch Cappel is licensed by the State of Texas, and the State of Chihuahua, Mexico, to train and procure police and security dogs and dog teams.

Supplied trained security dog teams for the reelection campaign of George W. Bush in his Texas presidential campaign.

Has supplied both leased guard dogs and precision trained dog teams, consisting of trained handlers and dogs, for some of the top corporations in the United States and Mexico, including Coca Cola bottling plant in Juarez, Mexico, and American factories in Mexico such as M.S.D., Motorola, and Ford.

Cappel’s K9 Teams secured the airport, and supplied additional K9 security services to Mexico’s President Carlos Salinas de Gortari on his trips to northern Mexico.

Consulted with Federal Law Enforcement to develop and implement standards for the certification of police and private security dogs for Juarez & Chihuahua, Mexico.

Served as an adviser on the use and deployment of K9 teams on medical properties to the International Association of Hospital Security Specialists (IAHSS) as well as the American Society of Industrial Security Specialists.

Trained and functioned as supervisor for Special Operations K9 Teams in charge of the physical security at such high risk facilities as the Commitment Center for the Criminally Insane, El Paso County, as well as numerous facilities involved in major labor disputes.

Trained security dog teams for the Hunt Corp. one of the United States Army’s largest construction contractors.

Has been featured on national television networks in the United States and Europe for his program using trained dogs to protect victims of domestic violence.

Has written articles or been featured in “Dogs Against Drugs/Dogs Against Crime” police magazine, “Dog Sports Magazine,” “Dog World,” “Dog Fancy,” “Dog and Kennel” as well as police and security trade magazine.

Butch Cappel is recognized nationally as an expert witness in district and state courts of law concerning cases involving dog bites, civilian and police, as well as animal cruelty charges.

Carie Butterfield

Carie Butterfield Started working here cleaning kennels. She immediately joined my dog trainers apprentice program, and quickly left the kennel to become our second full time dog trainer.

She also is our resident pet detective. With her Western Shepherd Bullet she travels to Virginia yearly to attend the ‘Old Dominion search and rescue seminars, the largest gathering of professional and law enforcement tracking dogs and handlers in the country.

Take a look at her video, passing one of her apprentice tests with her dog Bullet and see why she is one our customers favorites.

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Western Shepherd owners receive a 30% discount on all training at Cappel Canine!

Cappel Canine YouTube PODCAST

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