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Lifestyle Dog Training by Butch Cappel

Train Your Dog In 3 Minutes A Day

From the back cover: If you’ve never trained a dog or if you think you’re just too busy, Lifestyle Dog Training is the answer for you.

Book: Lifestyle Dog Trainingby Butch CappelWhether you have a young pup or a grown dog, obedience training is essential to help him become a well behaved companion and family member. The problem is you don’t know anything about training dogs. Where do you start? What equipment will you need? How can you possibly find enough time in your busy day to devote to training.

Lifestyle Dog Training has the answers to all these questions and more.

You can train your own dog. This book will teach you how to communicate with your dog for successful training. You will learn the “3 T’s” that are key to making your dog want to learn. No special equipment is needed. You will learn the easy, step-by-step instructions for teaching the most important lessons. You won’t need to work “training time” into your busy schedule because it will take place using just a few minutes of the time you’re already spending with your dog every day.

Lifestyle Dog Training fits easily into your lifestyle. When you follow this system, your dog will fit perfectly too.

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19 Month-Old Dutch Shepherd

Breed: Dutch Shepherd

Age: 19 Month-Old

Name: Cain

Training: Obedience

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Lifestyle Dog Training

Book - Lifestyle Dog Training by Butch Cappel

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