When the powerful need protection, they call Cappel Canine!

Supplied trained security dog teams for the reelection campaign of George W. Bush in his Texas presidential campaign.

Creator of K9Pro Sports, the only internationally recognized certification system for Personal protection dogs.   Butch’s K9Pro Sports is the first dog discipline done by an American to be adopted by European countries and even Australia.

Butch is also the creator of the Western Shepherd project, which has recreated the German shepherd breed into the healthy, trainable breed it was one hundred years ago.


Stan Smith came to Cappel Canine to train his dog in 2016, and never left!

After training his now well-known dog, Rocko da Don, he enrolled in Cappel Canine’s apprentice program. He already had a good foundation in obedience training but jumped into tracking and detection work.  As I have several abandoned dogs waiting for adoption, I require each apprentice to work with and train at least two dogs. Stan trained six. 

His real passion is with security/patrol dogs. He does maintenance training for local police departments and was recently invited to and spent fifteen days with the Danish military dog training school, in Vyborg, Denmark.

Stan has certified Rocko as a K9Pro Sports “Security dog”.

Placed or won every protection competition entered in 2016-2019.

Placed third in the invitation only Space Coast Police K9 Competition in Cocoa, Florida.

Placed Second in the Patrol division at the K9Pro Sports World Championship.

Trained or done maintenance work on drug detection dogs for three departments.

 Stan became a full time trainer at Cappel Canine in February 2017.

He frequently plays the role of decoy during training sessions, and greets everyone with a big smile.

Credit Goes to Rick Allen for These Amazing Pictures of Stan!  Check out his Seascapes and Wildlife photos.  Follow Rick at https://www.facebook.com/RickAllenPhotography/


Carie is the newest member and a fabulous asset to our team! We promise that your dog will recieve some Carie time each day. If you listen carefully, you will hear Carie talk to each dog in the kennel and stop to give each one some love and attention.  Carie is especially good with the shy, timid dogs and works hard to socialize the fearful dog.