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Stan Smith came to Cappel Canine to train his dog in 2016, and he never left!

After training his now well-known dog, Rocko da Don, he enrolled in Cappel Canine’s apprentice program. He already had a good foundation in obedience training but jumped into tracking and detection work.  As I have several abandoned dogs waiting for adoption, I require each apprentice to work with and train at least two dogs. Stan trained six. 

His real passion is with security/patrol dogs. He does maintenance training for local police departments and was recently invited to and spent fifteen days with the Danish military dog training school, in Vyborg, Denmark.

Stan has certified Rocko as a K9Pro Sports “Security dog”.

Placed or won every protection competition entered in 2016-2018.

Placed Second in the Patrol division at the K9Pro Sports World Championship.

Trained or done maintenance work on drug detection dogs for three departments.

 Stan became a full time trainer at Cappel Canine in February 2017.

He frequently plays the roll of decoy during training sessions, and greets everyone with a big smile.


When the powerful need protection, they call Cappel Canine!

Supplied trained security dog teams for the reelection campaign of George W. Bush in his Texas presidential campaign.

Creator of K9Pro Sports, the only internationally recognized certification system for Personal protection dogs.  Germany, Holland, and other Europeans have always led the way in all things dog, especially precision training. Butch’s K9Pro Sports is the first dog discipline done by an American to be adopted by European countries and even Australia.

Butch is also the creator of the Western Shepherd project, which has recreated the German shepherd breed into the healthy, trainable breed it was one hundred years ago.

Cappel is licensed by the State of TexasTx Lic B16348 , and the State of Chihuahua, Mexico, to train and procure police and security dogs and dog teams.

Cappel has supplied both leased guard dogs and precision trained dog teams, consisting of trained handlers and dogs, for some of the top corporations in the United States and Mexico, including Coca Cola bottling plant in Juarez, Mexico, and American factories in Mexico such as M.S.D., Motorola, and Ford,Cappel’s K9 Teams secured the airport, and supplied additional K9 security services to Mexico’s President Carlos Salinas de Gortari on his trips to northern Mexico.Consulted with Federal Law Enforcement to develop and implement standards for the certification of police and private security dogs for Juarez & Chihuahua, Mexico.Served as an adviser on the use and deployment of k9 teams on medical properties to the International Association of Hospital Security Specialists (IAHSS) as well as the American Society of Industrial Security Specialists.

Trained and functioned as supervisor for Special Operations K9 Teams in charge of the physical security at such high risk facilities as the Commitment Center for the Criminally Insane, El Paso County, as well as numerous facilities involved in major labor disputes

We have protection training classes twice a week. Few people understand what a Personal Protection course consists of, so let us give you a description of what your dog should learn, to qualify for basic K9Pro certification.

The three basic elements of protection training are dogs that will:

Alert and put on an aggressive display when given a command;

Engage the attacker when commanded; and

Release and stop when told.   

All dogs know how to bite, trained dogs know how to stop when told. Check out some of our protection training videos, then come visit and see for yourself.


Dave Klimek is one of America’s top farriers and has always had a talent for communicating with animals. When his young daughter was preparing to go off to college, he thought a trained dog should be her constant companion and bodyguard. 

Dave purchased his first protection trained security dog and was hooked on dog training. Ordering his own high-quality German Shepherd pup from Germany he jumped into learning everything he could about dogs and advanced security dog training.

Dave paid the company where he bought his first trained dog to spend time with them, he watched video’s, read books, and then, after two years of learning on his own, found Cappel Canine. 

Dave began training here in 2007, and as he traveled to some of the largest horse shows in the country people began asking him about his very well trained dog, he began building a following for his dog training as well as his horseshoeing.

In 2015 I asked Dave if he would start an advanced obedience training program for Cappel Canine. In Dave’s unique program each dog travels and lives with him 24/7. The dogs work in crowded cities as he travels from huge horse shows to barns in the boondocks. There is no other training program like it, and no better trained canine partners than those trained by Dave Klimek.

Watch Dave and his partner Hammer in this little video and then give us a call to sign up with Dave.        


Kim’s passion is tracking, and she was recently invited to and spent fifteen days training with the Danish military dog training school, in Vyborg, Denmark.

Has your pet escaped from your yard or run out the front door?  Call Kim a/k/a the Pet Detective, owner of Lone Star’s K-9 Pet Trackers.   Kim has reunited many dogs, cats, and even a bird with their thankful owners.

Kim is a K9 handler that has certifications with Missing Animal Scent Dog Network (“MASDN”) for both dogs and felines.

 “Trust your K9” and “work the process” are two of the most important factors Kim has learned when tracking missing pets with her two German Shepherds, Achilles and Athena. Understanding that the process of finding  a missing pet takes time and effort and instant gratification is not always possible. “When you trust your dog and they trust you… it is truly an amazing gift.” 

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