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What is K9 ProSports?

 K9 ProSports is  for people that want to train a dog to be the best security system possible. 

MARK YOUR CALENDARS:  Visit Cappel Canine Saturday, March 30, 2019 to observe our international K9 ProSports Competition.  

K9 Pro Sports is the only internationally recognized certification system for civilian Personal Protection, and police & military patrol dogs.

K9 Pro Sports is also an educational resource for civilians on the proper tactics and handling of a protection trained dog in assault situations. Owning a dog that is trained to bite, without training the owner in proper protection tactics, is like owning a firearm  without knowing where the safety is.

K9 Pro Sports certification programs are open to all who wish to properly train their dog as the supreme security system they can be. Our certification programs are set up in a sport format to encourage competition, and improve the skills of all dog owners.

If you choose to put on a K9 Pro Sports certification trial we supply a written rule book so you learn all the exercises, qualified judges and a written score sheet that can then be used to evaluate your teams ability or identify training skills you need to be work on.    

Oh, we also give seminars in street dog tactics and training the ultimate K9 Martial Artist. Interested? give us a call 817-483-2026    




This is a  successful program that produces a dog who can handle any threat as a civilian, military, or police dog.









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