Executive Protection Dogs

An Executive Protection dog
is the best of the best.

An adult dog that has been bred, temperament tested, and hand selected to ensure a dog that is both capable and willing to protect you, your loved ones, and your home.

Roman is a great example of what to expect from a Cappel Canine trained Executive Protection dog…
See Roman In Action!

What separates a protection trained dog
from an executive protection dog?

A protection trained dog harnesses the dogs natural guarding ability and relies on the training and handler skills of the owner in partnership with any trainer. A great option that is a perfect fit for many people but some people have the need for a dog that can perform at a higher level.

An executive protection dog is an adult dog that has been trained to a higher level in every way; including scenario based training, life training (an approach where the dog learns by living and doing daily routines, not living in a kennel for 2 years in isolation), and has a more versatile skill set than the average protection dog.

An executive protection dog comes with skills like:

  • Ability to attain police patrol dog certification 
  • Building searches
  • Real world protection scenarios:
    • Engaging attackers in a vehicle
    • Engaging multiple attackers
    • Guarding a suspect
    • Guarding: person, possessions, or a position


  • Tracking
  • Scent detection 

Cappel Canine services included with our Executive Protection dogs:

  • Home delivery and security evaluation
  • Lifetime training maintenance
  • Handler training