Cappel Canine


We have both puppies and trained protection dogs.


Age: 2 years

NUPO, not a name you’ve heard? There is a reason for that. Nupo is from Denmark, named and trained by Danish military dog trainers that we work with at Cappel Canine. 

Nupo has extensive training and he is what we refer to as a “dual purpose” dog, a term used for military and police dogs in this country. Not only is he an exceptional security defense system, he is also trained for Search & Rescue. This means he can be used to track and find missing persons.  If a gang attempted to assault you, after he takes out the first fool, he can track down and destroy the one that thought he got away.

Nupo can go to the mall with you, with or without a leash, babysit the children, and make your local police department very jealous.

He is yours for $12,000.  This price includes a complete handler’s course and security assessment of you & your property.



Ash & Ember are proud parents 

Whelped January 21, 2019.

These puppies will make great family protection dogs and they are great with kids. 

For more information call Butch at 817-483-2026