Cappel Canine


Rates are $18 per day (that includes the chicken and hot dogs).

For small dogs that may be intimidated in a kennel with large dogs we make arrangements in our home.

We Also Offer Boarding For The Extended Stay

Boarding At Cappel Canine

A soft bed to sleep on, after a long day of running in the sunshine and fresh air, what else can a dog ask for?

Well how about fresh chicken cooked daily? We don’t have fancy wall paper in a little bitty cubicle, but we do have bedtime treats of dog biscuits and a hot dog to help every dog sleep a little sounder while waiting for your return.

Let Dogs be Dogs

At Cappel Canine, we’re a little old fashioned and when this kennel was built, dogs were thought to be more concerned with exercise and play, followed by a warm meal, than with piped in music and potpourri in the corner of the cubicle.

We’re not big on pastels bit we do have a lot of sunshine for the dogs to enjoy in their own indoor/outdoor runs. Our indoor section is temperature controlled and the outdoor runs opens to a view of trees and an early morning parade of squirrels chatter guaranteed to wake even the sleepiest Basset Hound to an exciting new day.

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