Board and Train

When you bring your dog to Cappel Canine we will ask you to fill out a lifestyle profile, listing what your dog already knows, any behavior issues they have: pulling on leashes, chewing, jumping etc. We will also get a list of what goals you have for your dog: protect the family, or just be a well behaved companion. This information is used to create your dogs individual training program.

Our very popular customized Board & Train is only $1,250 for 2 weeks (pay $550 at drop off, and balance at pick up) that includes your dog’s training DVD, silent whistle, and all training equipment.  

When you pick up your dog we will take you through your own personal “Handlers Course” to teach you how your dog learned everything.

You will be given a DVD of your dog’s training for reference, which includes your own personalized training program, so you can keep your dogs training efficient for life.

Call us to discuss a custom board and train plan, tailored to your needs.


We teach your dog all the basic obedience commands needed for an obedience title including; come, stay, and walking calmly on leash.  We also teach them to respond to the “silent” whistle for greater off leash control in all situations.

Check out more of our training video on our YouTube channel

Personal Protection

“The World’s Oldest Security System” and still the most effective today is a well trained dog. An electronic, monitored, alarm system never fails to do its job. The electronic system will inform someone, somewhere, monitoring your system to exactly the precise hour and minute your home was broken into and your electronics, computers, jewelry, etc were no longer yours. You will need this information for your insurance paperwork.

If you owned one of The World’s Oldest Security Systems you would not have a time and date stamp for your burglary, you would still have your electronics, computers, jewelry, etc! And “pity the fool” that tries to assault you with your K9Pro Sports certified, Cappel Canine trained, Protection dog at your side.

We have protection training classes twice a week. Few people understand what a Personal Protection course consists of, so let us give you a description of what your dog should learn, to qualify for basic K9Pro certification.

The three basic elements of protection training are dogs that will:

  1. Alert and put on an aggressive display when commanded
  2. Engage the attacker when commanded
  3. Release and stop fighting when told.

The most important part is number 3, All dogs know how to bite, trained dogs know how to stop when told. Check out some of our protection training at the link below. Then get protected, anywhere with your K9Pro Sports certified,  Cappel Canine trained Protection dog at your side.