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Right – Butch Cappel

Creator of K9Pro Sports, the only internationally recognized certification system for Personal protection dogs.  Germany, Holland, and other Europeans have always led the way in all things dog, especially precision training. Butch’s K9Pro Sports is the first dog discipline done by an American to be adopted by European countries and even Australia. Butch is also the creator of the Western Shepherd project, which has recreated the German shepherd breed into the healthy, trainable breed it was one hundred years ago. 

Left – Stan Smith

Stan has always loved dogs and started training and competing with Butch a few years ago, and now works as a trainer / handler at Cappel Canine. He frequently plays the roll of decoy during training sessions, and greets everyone with a big smile.


Left – Dave  Klimek     

Dave is soft spoken so listen carefully.  You can learn so much with Dave’s quiet approach to dog handling and training. Talk to Dave if you are interested in learning how to improve your dog’s manners, and how to work with your dog and not against him. When you “get it” you will be rewarded with an easy smile and soft laughter.

Right – Kimberly Thompson     

Has your pet escaped from your yard or run out the front door?  Call Kim a/k/a the Pet Detective, owner of Lone Star’s K-9 Pet Trackers. Click on “Missing Pet Detective” above if you need assistance in locating your lost pet.  Kim has reunited many dogs, cats, and even a bird with their thankful owners. 

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