Cappel Canine Executive Protection Program

The “Protection” dog industry is made up of world class sport dog trainers, that have competed at the highest level (in many cases) of dog bite sports. They are now selling dogs, trained for their respective sports, to you, to protect your family and home.

For 30 years, I have been licensed by the state of Texas to train and provide guard, security, and police dogs. I have trained clients dogs for competition in all the major sports, but my job is training “Security” dogs to protect homes & property.

When purchasing a securiy system you might want to work with experienced security dog trainers. After all if you were having heart surgery, would you want a person that played a doctor on T.V.? Or an experienced heart surgeon?

Why trust your safety and family to a trainer that played a “Security” dog trainer on a sport field? When you can have a street experinced Security dog trainer who trains for your safety, not for points.

The Worlds Oldest Security System

AND still, the most effective today, is a well trained dog. An electronic, monitored, alarm system never fails to do its job. The electronic system will inform someone, somewhere, monitoring your system, to exactly the precise hour and minute your home was broken into, and your electronics, computers, jewelry, etc were no longer yours………. You will need this information for your insurance paperwork.

If you owned one of the world’s oldest security systems, you would NOT have a time and date stamp for your burglary, you would have your electronics, computers, jewelry, etc! And “pity the fool” that tries to assault you with your K9Pro Sports certified, Cappel Canine trained protection dog at your side.

Look at ur You Tube channel “Cappel Canine” for videos of our training. Come out and see for yourself. We train Tuesday nights @ 6 pm  and Saturday mornings @ 10 Text 817-781-2224 or call 8107-483-2026 for more information.

Trainings packages start at $1200

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