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When you bring your dog to Cappel Canine we will ask you to fill out a lifestyle profile, listing what your dog already knows, any behavior issues they have, pulling on leashes, chewing, jumping etc. and what goals you have for your dog, finding bombs? Protect the family, or just be a well behaved companion. This information is used to create your dogs individual training program.


We teach your dog all the basic obedience commands needed for an obedience title, come, stay, walking calmly on leash, etc. as well as teaching them to respond to the “silent” whistle for greater off leash control in all situations.

Of course all the dog training in the world does no good if you don’t know how the dog learns what he learned. When you pick up your dog we will take you through your own personal “Handlers Course” to teach you how your dog learned everything.


Personalized Training Videos

We also video your dog’s training sessions. You will be given a DVD of your dogs training to refer to, which includes your own personalized training program, so you can keep your dogs training efficient for life.


How to use the best dog training tool. 

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