Credentials, Experience and About

Butch Cappel is the founder and executive director of K9 Pro Sports International, as well as Cappel Canine. He is licensed by the state of Texas and the state of Chihuahua, Mexico to train and procure police security dogs and dog teams. Butch Cappel is a nationally recognized expert witness for district and state courts of law concerning cases involving dog bites, civilian, and police, as well as animal cruelty charges.

High Profile Clients Include:

  • International Association of Hospital Security Specialists (IAHSS)
  • American Society of Industrial Security Specialists
  • Special Operations for high risk facilities such as the Commitment Center for the Criminally Insane, El Paso County
  • U.S. Army construction contractor, Hunt Corp.
  • Featured on national television networks in the United States and Europe for his program using trained dogs to protect victims of domestic violence
  • Consulted with Federal Law Enforcement for the certification of police and private security dogs for Juarez, Mexico
  • Provided trained K9 security teams for Mexico’s President Carlos Salinas de Gortari


Superior Credentials

Butch Cappel’s professional experience includes both training and supervising K9 dog teams for the security of the re-election campaign of former President George W. Bush.

As well, his credentials include training K9 teams involved in national labor disputes and strikes. He has supplied both leased guard dogs and precision trained dog teams consisting of trained handlers and dogs for some of the top corporations in the United States and Mexico, including Coca Cola bottling plant in Juarez, Mexico, and American factories in Mexico such as M.S.D., Motorola, Ford, and others.

K9Pro Sports

Butch Cappel developed K9Pro Sports to educate protection dog owners on the proper training methods used in creating a personal protection dog and to furnish a format for competitions and certification for all breeds and their owners.
K9Pro Sports is an internationally recognized certification and protection dog competition, and education source for civilians and law enforcement.

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